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“Passion, Creativity, Spirituality – these are my artistic core.  Painting is a conversation, a relationship, a dance between me and the subject I am painting. Images either inspire or emerge as they will. Faces, flowers, furry friends, perhaps a humble salt and pepper shaker…I never know what will beg to be painted, but once my soul is aroused, the alchemy begins.

I find pigments of every kind irresistible – gouache and ink, sensuous oils, and ever-versatile acrylic paint. Each subject that I render – soulfully realistic with a healthy dose of imagination – beckons its own media and voice. I merely listen and participate as inspired.”

I started out painting rather small scale – anywhere from 5″ x 7″ up to 16″ x 20″ with very few larger than that. I love the process of painting small and frequently. Small paintings exude intimacy, they lure you in for a closer look and they can hang many more places than a very large painting. Groupings of small paintings make for a creative and versatile expression, allowing one to redesign the collection at whim. View my artwork here.

Gouache, an opaque watercolor, is pure joy and appeals to my fiery nature, it dries fast, is exceptionally versatile and lends itself to spontaneity, and I use it for my many small works, and often incorporate ink into it to satisfy my love of drawing. Of late, my wax-varnished gouache paintings are often mistaken for oil paintings – to my delight! I often use bold black ink as my sketching medium when composing a new painting. You can watch me paint here.

As for sensuous Oils, they enable me to work small or large, calm my fire (but not my spark!) and lead me into wondrous places that can only be explored at a slower pace. As well, I have been known to use whatever media I feel expresses the painting’s point of view. There are no rules in my art universe!

In early 2014 I returned to acrylics to see if I could discover their magic, and I have!  I LOVE PAINT! As well, I am painting larger and on canvas…16 x 20s feel like postage stamps to me now!

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, Sweden, Germany and China.  And always looking to add more countries to this list. : )

Joanie Springer was raised in western upstate New York and from the youngest age creativity was her constant – whether playing piano, performing in theatre, singing opera or simply making things. After moving to California in her late teens, she spent a few decades raising children, working corporate jobs, earning a couple of college degrees and otherwise living a busy life. On her own again, she took up painting at age 54, and with typical passion jumped in without looking back and her art career, or as she likes to refer to it, her art journey began.  Within a couple of years of teaching herself to draw, and continuing to paint daily, she started a blog where collectors discovered her expressive and original art.  She is thrilled that her art is collected around the world and that aspiring artists are clamoring to be taught by her. She has found her Bliss and intends to paint til her final breath. This is it!

Joanie currently resides in Northern California wine country.

M.A. Culture and Spirituality – Holy Names University

B.A. Literature/Creative Writing – Sonoma State University
Art – self-taught artist, though I do enjoy attending an occasional workshop. I draw my greatest inspiration from Skip Lawrence, whom I consider my main mentor.

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Holiday Show, juried, Journey Center – Nov – Dec
Artists on Fire, group exhibit, 3rd place, juried show Graton Gallery
Invitational artist – Riverfront Art Gallery, Oct Nov
Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce, 2 artist show – Aug – Oct
Group Exhibit, juried – Riverfront Art Gallery,  Petaluma – July – September
Teaching at Riley Street Art Center
Demo for Watercolor Society of Sonoma County
Solo Show at the Journey Center, Santa Rosa, CA – Jan 5th – Feb 28

Hosted my first ever Open Studio, Dec 2013
Featured artist at The Adamson Gallery Barks for Art, Sacramento, CA Dec 2013
Group Exhibit at the Journey Center
Featured artist at Fe Gallery, Sacramento, CA, Oct 12 – Nov 30
Attended 5 day workshop with Donna Zagotta
Attended 3 day workshop with Peggi Kroll-Roberts
Sumi Silverware series of ink paintings on vintage paper, 30 day reveal at this blog.
My artwork to be published in a book later this year!
Attended a 5-Day Painting Workshop with Skip Lawrence in Santa Barbara, CA
ACEO Exhibit – Ocmulgee Arts Gallery, Macon, GA, April – May
A-Z Challenge, 31 days of paintings,
Lori McNee’s Fine Art Tips – A Beginner’s Guide to Plein Air Painting
Maggie Latham Studios – Featured Artist interview
I’m A LateBloomer: Featured Artist interview
Empty Easel: How to Ease Your Way into Plein Air Painting – guest post

UGallery: New Artist Spotlight
Da Vinci Paint Co: Featured Artist
Presence Journal: Featured artist


Empty Easel: Creating and Earth-Friendly Studio – guest post
Lori McNee’s Fine Art Tips: Creating an Earth-Friendly Studio – guest post
Living a Creative Life by Melissa Dinwiddie: Featured Artist interview
Gallery One – Petaluma, juried show “Red”
Member, Artists of West County –
Ugallery –  
New Artist Spotlight
Juried into UGallery
Exhibited Sacramento CAST Show – September
Stella Art Gallery, E. Rochester, NY – “Faces of Women” (Women’s History month) juried show – 3 paintings, March.
Published artwork in Presence Magazine- artwork included in spring 2012 issue.
Donated artwork to Humane Society of Sonoma County
Home Show – with Artists of West County (AWS), Sonoma County Fairgrounds
Exhibited at the Home Show, Sonoma County Fairground
Donated artwork to Oaks of Hebron, through Bidding For Good
Solo Exhibition at Cookie’ Cafe, Santa Rosa, CA
Exhibited at Harvest Fair, Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Fine Art Exhibition
First, Second and Fifth place ribbons.
Participated in the Great Petaluma Paint Out
Won 5 ribbons for 3 entries at Sonoma county Fair Fine Art Exhibition
Best of Show, Best of Medium and First, Second and Third Place

EMPTY EASEL: Color Code your Paint Tubes – guest post
Exhibited at National Arts Program, won Best of Show (first show ever!)


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  1. Joanne, love your newsletters and keeping up with what you are creating. Are you moved in yet? Where did you move to – in the same area?
    Joy and bliss…….Margaret

    • joanieART says:

      Moved in, and almost completely organized. I don’t know what the delay is, my age !!! or just unrealistic expectation on my part. But I feel its days away now rather than weeks or months. That’s promising. LOL.
      See comment above as to where I am now living. Just down the road from where I was before, but new town.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Joanie, I tried to purchase the Wax Varnishing online class, and paid for it with PayPal, and it said that the order was accepted, but the cart still shows the item in it, and there is no confirmation in my email.


  3. Kristina says:

    Joanie – I fell in love with your paintings after seeing “Cheery” pinned on Pinterest. I hope to own one some day!

    • joanieART says:

      Dear Kristina, what a lovely comment! I’m glad you found my paintings on Pinterest, and hope you signed up for my newsletter, too. If you liked Cheery (me, too, she was fun to paint) I have lots more florals too. I’m on a floral binge you could say. Blessings!

  4. Matt says:

    I found your tips on painting on cardboard to be extremely helpful. You saved me a ton of time. I started painting on cardboard and have created two things that I just love. Hopefully, they will stand up to The ravages of time though I did not do those things you said. I am going to get some archival gloss and see what I can do.

    Thanks again. I enjoyed perusing your works and really loved your attitude.


    • joanieART says:

      Hi Matt, glad you found my art tip helpful. It is very important not just to varnish protect the top layer, but to treat the cardboard archivally BEFORE painting on it. But heck, Picasso and many other masters painted on cardboard and it’s still in museums. They didn’t have the acrylic mediums we now have. Shellac is a more natural (non acrylic) product that you could try to as an underlayer.

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